Monday, April 13, 2009


like I said in an earlier post I have been doing P90x as my workout and I have seen some good results the only problem I have with this workout is that it usually takes an hour and a half to do it and with my new work schedule I usually only have about 45 mins a day to workout in the mornings I am looking to change up my workout ..Melissa suggested The Biggest Loser workouts you can get them at Walmart and they are only $10.00 seems like a good suggestion if especially if you are on a budget! I plan on grabbing a couple of these this weekend to add to my video vault. ....Today I did a combination of P90x and another workout series called the firm and it worked out good ...I love the ab ripper from P90x it is a very good abs work out then I did the legs workout from the Firm I like this one because it's only 30 mins long which makes both workouts right at 45 mins!

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